Seawall Trail Resources

Request For Proposals (RFP)

The Seawall Trail Society's Request For Proposals for flagging, trail alignment and the preparation of a Proposed Trail Development Plan.

It is reccommended that consultants review the additional documents provided on ths page before submitting a proposal.

Download Request For Proposals

Project Overview

A brief, two page document that describes the Seawall Trail project, it's background, goals timelines and key considerations.

Download Project Overview

Trail Development Proposal

A detailed document that is part of the required process for developing a hiking trail in a Wilderness Area in Nova Scotia. This document gives additional details about the project including: background, trail description, regional significance, community benefits, administration, development options and priorities.

Download Trail Development Proposal

Brochure and Map

Our brochure with inset map. Please note that the route in this brochure represents a proposal only.

Download Brochure and Map

The Overland Track

The 2013 - 2014 Annual Report for Tasmania's Overland Track. A good reference for the potential economic benefits of walking trails.

Download Overland Track Report

Developing A Hiking Trail In A Wilderness Area

A key document from the Nova Scotia Department of Environment that describes the steps and process for developing a walking or hiking trail in the province's protected areas.

Download Wilderness Areas Guide